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Surface Prep


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Business Basics

On our initial visit, we'll listen
to your home improvement objectives and
decorating goals. We'll then advise on the
best way to achieve those goals, offering
color consultation and decorating suggestions.

Should you wish to contact some of
our other customers, we will be
delighted to provide you with a list of

Since it's our policy to operate on a
"first-come, first-served" basis, your
job will be scheduled for the first start
date available, as soon as we receive
your signed contract and the required
deposit. Lead times may vary, so we
recommend booking early.











Surface Prep

"We don't cut corners, we paint them."

BUT, only when they are ready.
Any paint job is only as good as the
integrity of the surface underneath
the paint. So, it makes no sense to
cover up a problem with quality paint,
or expensive wallpaper only to have
it return "in spades," at a much
greater expense to repair later on.

We believe in doing the job right the
first time. After all, true value comes
from getting the most for your money.
Therefore, it is essential to properly
prepare the surface before painting or
before installing wallpaper for the most
beautiful and durable results.

Here's what you can expect from us:

* Any loose paint or nubs will be
removed by scraping and sanding.

* All surface flaws will be repaired.

* All cracks, voids, and nail sets will be
filled with the appropriate product.





Interior Services

We are interior specialists. As such,
we can offer you the very best in these
professional services:

Traditional brush and roller application

Wallpaper removal and installation

"Paper Illusions"

Staining and Finishing (new wood)

Faux Finishes and Wood graining

Cabinet Refinishing

Deck and Porch Treatments

Light carpentry












Added Touches

We call them "added touches" but,
really, they're already part of the
"added value services" we provide.

It's things like:

Genuine interest in your project and the
personal objective you express about your
decorating goals.

Regarding your home with respect, by
handling and protecting your possessions
with care.

Maintaining a neat and clean work site.

Maintenance tips.

Guaranteed workmanship.

Because we are professionals.










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